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Number Details

Number(678) 740-XXXX
Area Code (NPA)678
Exchange (NXX)740
Subscriber NumberXXXX
CompanyNuvox Communications
StateGA - Georgia
Zip Code30305
Date Assigned
Prefix TypeCLEC
Switch NameATLANTA
Switch Type

Local Information

StateGA - Georgia
Zip Code30305
Census Region NameSouth
Census Division NameSouth Atlantic
Local Time (when you loaded this page)10:52 AM
Time ZoneEST
Daylight SavingsNo
Land Square Miles6.44
Water Square Miles0.03
Number of Housing Units14,125
Average Persons Per Household1.57

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About this number

(678) 740 is a landline based telephone number operated by Nuvox Communications and is located in zip code 30305 in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, which is in Fulton County, and is in the South. It has a Number Planning Area (NPA - also known as an Area Code) of 678 and Network Numbering Exchange (NXX - also known as a prefix) of 740. It has an Operating Company Number (OCN) of 8660. A Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI) of ATLAGAPRDS0. As well as a Local access and transport area (LATA) of 438. Zip code 30305 has a population of 22,999 as of the 2010 census.

Recent Comments in 678-740-XXXX


June 19, 2018 5:45 am

I got an email stating I owe $500. This was for computer repairs I never had. This has been going on for a number of years, the amount I owe always changes. They also included a credit card #.


May 30, 2018 9:55 pm

I received and email today telling me that I owe a total of $700 for technical support services from Core I.T. Resolve Support Solutions LLC that I received on 02/02/2017 and it is seriously over due. If I don’t pay it, I will be sued and end up in jail. They even gave me a partial credit card number which I have never ever had. Never heard of them and I have never used any type of technical support services. Total scam. I guess since I block all scam calls they figured they would try reaching me by email.


December 11, 2017 10:44 am

Like the above comments, I was threatened with a custodial sentence due to my debt crossing state lines. Apparently, I owe 550 dollars. I live in the UK!!

Please don't be fooled by this scam email!


September 16, 2017 6:15 pm

I have gotten 3 threatening emails saying I owe $651 plus $500 late fees from May 2015. If I don't pay they will sue and since it is across state lines it is federal and I will go to jail.
A threatening oice mail today. Phone numbers keep changing. Voice on voice mail was foreign.


April 10, 2017 4:28 pm

Got an email from an Indian accent with the name Bob Chandler saying I owed money on an account from 2015. The threat was I needed to pay an account today of $451or would be penalized through the courts and on my credit. He called me back from this number after I called him at 800-978-3187. Wanted me to send I/Tune cards from CVS and then a money order transfer. Sounded as if he were associated with Trans-Union Credit Bureau. Be very careful. I called my credit card company. The number of days late was erroneous. I am reporting to Trans-Union fraud.


March 31, 2017 12:15 pm

email phishing scam about an account that my minor child had! When I called the number the indian man with an American name said that they don't collect from minors and then when I asked for an account number he hung up on me and then when I called back a second time, the message said "the magic jack number you are trying to reach is not available". I googled the email message and it is a scam.

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678-740-5359SPAM07/17/18 1:16 PM
678-740-5359SPAM06/10/18 6:08 PM
678-740-7438OK05/15/17 3:00 PM
678-740-5359SPAM02/10/17 10:33 AM
678-740-6218OK10/25/16 5:07 AM
678-740-0439OK09/28/16 5:04 PM
678-740-5359SPAM08/30/16 1:00 PM
678-740-5359SPAM08/17/16 10:45 AM
678-740-5359SPAM08/15/16 7:31 PM